Missed Sales & Lost Revenue: Using Data in Heavy Duty Truck Parts Distribution.

Heavy duty aftermarket parts distributors and dealers are facing an uphill battle in 2020 with economic uncertainty, the emergence of online competitors, an aging workforce and continued margin pressure. While sales people are doing the best they can to make the best possible commercial decisions, over discounting, customer churn and missed sales opportunities are further dragging down P&L performance.

The good news is that the data you collect in the course of doing business holds a wealth of information and the keys to unlocking more profits and faster revenue growth.

This video discusses how distributors – at all stages of data maturity – can put insights from their data to work to improve pricing decisions, increase margins, and grow and retain wallet-share with customers.

In Key takeaways:

Common misconceptions about the value and usability of your data How to begin mining your existing data for actionable sales opportunities Tactics and data-driven approaches to address the most common sources of margin leakage How to engage your sales team to drive sustained behavior change.

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