Real-Time Market Pricing

A robust solution set redefining what it means to deliver market-relevant prices, respond to quotes in real-time and dynamically move prices based on market triggers.

A Smarter, More Scalable Approach to Dynamic Pricing

When the Market Changes at a Moment’s Notice… Pricing Can Follow Suit

Market conditions and business dynamics are changing at an incredibly fast pace and show no signs of slowing. Real-Time Market Pricing has the unique capability to use more data from varied, unlimited sources more intelligently, ensuring all channels reflect the current market price calculated and/or optimized against a variety of inputs.

Reimagine the Definition of Dynamic

Bridge your commercial systems – internal and customer-facing – with price management and optimization solutions via Zilliant’s Real-Time Pricing Engine, a robust REST API to dynamically calculate and deliver prices with virtually limitless scalability and guaranteed 99.99% SLA.

Deliver the Ultimate Omnichannel Experience

Deliver pricing aligned with strategy in real-time across channels. Intelligently automate approvals, negotiations and counter-proposals within customer self-service portals and internal deal desks.

Discover Intelligent Automated Negotiation

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