Deal & Agreement Management

Prevent the “set and forget” pricing conundrum, inevitably leaking margin and jamming already-inefficient processes.

Overcome the Onerous, Time-Consuming & Costly Status Quo

How Many Agreements Exist in Your Business?

Given the proliferation and under-management of agreements, simply knowing how many agreements exist in your business and how profitable they are (or aren’t) is impossible. Centralize, add intelligence and actionable insights to agreement management to stop inadvertent margin leakage.

Are Corporate Strategic Objectives Tied to Frontline Commercial Decisions?

When creating or renewing agreements with hundreds or thousands of lines, it’s impossible for a sales rep to know how the price changes they make impact profitability. To ensure each agreement is meeting corporate objectives and customer expectations, give commercial teams actionable and intelligent pricing recommendations.

Do Your Agreements Fall Victim to the “Set and Forget” Conundrum?

Give pricing teams a proactive and scalable mechanism to communicate needed agreement price changes to sales teams, to eliminate inefficient manual processes and prevent margin leakage.

Escape the Conundrum

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