Cart IQ

Increase your average order size.

Reimagine eCommerce with Real-Time Market Pricing

In this webinar, see the challenges in deploying a successful B2B eCommerce initiative and learn how Zilliant insights can be seamlessly integrated into SAP Commerce Cloud.

Cart IQ Overview

Provide Relevant Recommendations to Increase Order Size

Seamless Customer Experience
Seamless Customer Experience
Take advantage of every customer interaction to personalize the experience and offer highly relevant product recommendations.
Demonstrable Financial Benefit
Demonstrable Financial Benefit
Our customers routinely see increases in the number of lines per order and an increase in average order sizes.
Shortest Time to Value
Shortest Time to Value
With our intense focus on customer success, IDC notes that Zilliant customers realize the shortest time to value. Get started with Cart IQ in as few as 6 weeks.
Customer Success
Customer Success
Driving sales rep adoption, measuring financial and operational benefits, and identifying opportunities for improvement, are just some of the ways our customer success managers deliver value.

Learn more about how Cart IQ increases average order sizes

Product Data Sheet

Intelligently recommend complementary products

Create a seamless customer experience by using AI to recommend the products customers are most likely to purchase based on their basket or cart. Cart IQ delivers highly relevant recommendations to help you increase average order size.

Automate Intelligent Recommendations

Don’t let eCommerce become impersonal. Deliver dynamic, highly relevant complementary product recommendations as suggested items to add to a cart or basket based on the items the customer is already planning to purchase.

Enable Inside Sales Teams

Shift from order taker to order maker. Provide inside sales and customer service reps with suggested items to recommend to customers while taking their order.

Enhance the Quoting Process

Increase your average order size. Embed cross-sell recommendations in your quoting tool to prompt reps to offer additional items on quotes.

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