Aug 19, 2015

Zilliant Principal Pricing Consultant Releases New Book to Enable Smarter, Prescriptive Pricing

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 19, 2015 – Jim Vaughn, principal pricing consultant at Zilliant, a leading provider of prescriptive selling applications that drive financial growth, released a new book titled, “Stop Racing in a Blindfold!” that provides practical insights into why a more scientific approach to price setting is a smarter way to grow profits. Jim Vaughn brings more than 20 years of pricing expertise to his newly-released book. It reveals how company leaders can overcome cost volatility, product and customer proliferation, and market disruption to set smarter prices that enable B2B companies to grow profitably. The scientific approach to pricing that he outlines in the book enables companies to provide sales reps with actionable pricing guidance that identifies the most profitable price on every transaction.

“Jim’s book is a great resource for B2B companies looking to leverage pricing to improve P&L performance,” said Eric Hills, chief evangelist and senior vice president of marketing at Zilliant. “His explanation of the core elements of pricing science makes it a great starting point for businesses interested in price optimization.”

Topics covered in “Stop Racing in a Blindfold! Big Data + Pricing Science Drive Bigger Profits” include:

  • Cross-industry pricing pain points
  • Drawbacks to traditional price setting
  • Complex pricing challenges
  • How pricing science can improve profitability

Two case studies: Shaw Industries and United Rentals The importance of focused leadership in driving pricing improvements

Initial reviews of “Stop Racing in a Blindfold!” demonstrate that it’s an excellent executive primer into the complexities and nuances of setting an effective pricing strategy in B2B industrial distribution, manufacturing and services companies. Bob Vezeau, vice president of strategic pricing for Corrugated Packaging Solutions, at WestRock, expressed how critical the book is for P&L owners and pricing teams in order to bridge the longstanding gap between pricing theory and the practical application of pricing science.

Stephen Moss, vice president for global pricing, Enterprise Group at Hewlett-Packard, pointed out that, “Stop Racing in a Blindfold!” bridges several complex topics in an accessible and engaging way while providing practical advice to unlock value in a wide range of businesses.   “Stop Racing in a Blindfold!” is now available for purchase.

About Zilliant

Zilliant’s solutions help B2B companies solve a wide range of pricing and sales challenges, allowing them to gain more strategic control of their business performance using an innovative blend of data science and software solutions. Our innovative cloud native platform and applications, paired with an outcome-focused dedication to customer success, gives company leaders the confidence and know-how to remain competitive now and in the future. Learn more about how Zilliant helps companies reimagine pricing and sales at   

About Jim Vaughn

Jim Vaughn has worked for more than 20 years with both B2C and B2B companies to set smarter prices. This work includes consulting for a wide variety of industries and customers, ranging from those with $100 million in annual sales to Fortune 100 clients. Jim is a graduate the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., and holds a Master of Science in Operations Research from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He also completed additional post-graduate studies in mathematics and leadership at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif., and the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in Leavenworth, Kan., respectively.

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