Dec 05, 2017

Zilliant Partners with Integrated Commercial Excellence (ICE™) to Deliver Artificial Intelligence

Strategic partnership serves B2B automotive, chemicals and coatings industries.

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 5, 2017 – Zilliant, a leading AI-driven SaaS platform for maximizing the lifetime value of B2B customer relationships, today announced a strategic partnership with Integrated Commercial Excellence (ICE™), a consultancy firm headquartered in The Netherlands.

“ICE is committed to helping B2B organizations achieve commercial excellence through improvement of their sales and marketing organization and processes,” said ICE Founder and Director Phil Coady. “We continue to see large B2B organizations struggle with data-driven decision making. This is most apparent in the areas of margin management and pricing. Zilliant is a natural extension of how ICE supports large B2B businesses in this area.”

Zilliant and ICE will work together with clients whose transactional data reveals that hidden pockets of profit and revenue exist in their organizations and can be recaptured. The two companies will work with EMEA-based B2B companies to maximize company strengths and use artificial intelligence as a competitive advantage.

“ICE has deep experience in sales and marketing change management,” said Zilliant Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales Greg Howe. “Paired with the company’s expertise in the B2B automotive, chemicals and coatings vertical industries, the partnership stands to drive tremendous value to our shared clients.”

Representatives from ICE and Zilliant will be presenting at these upcoming events:

“Optimize Customer Lifetime Value” Copperberg City Meeting, December 12, 2017, Stockholm, Sweden

“Maximising Your Business and Customer Potential” Webinar, December 7, 2017

ICE previously sponsored a change management session at Zilliant MindShare Europe on September 19, 2017.

About Zilliant

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About Integrated Commercial Excellence (ICE™)

ICE helps B2B organizations connect the dots by delivering sustainable sales and marketing performance improvement in B2B organizations. By identifying what works best in an organization and building on those strengths, we develop practical approaches to improve commercial performance through the integration of people and processes. More information at

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