Aug 26, 2015

Zilliant Launches MarginMax Price Connect

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 26, 2015 – Zilliant, a leading provider of prescriptive selling applications that drive financial growth, today announced the launch of MarginMax Price Connect, a lightweight prescriptive pricing application that enables sales reps to look up MarginMax price guidance for all customers and products using a simple, streamlined user interface.  

MarginMax quantifies the potential profit and revenue tradeoffs associated with price changes to maximize financial results and minimize risk. MarginMax Price Connect is an add-on application for existing MarginMax customers that makes delivering pricing guidance to sales reps easier, enabling them to access it anytime, anywhere. Unlike heavyweight quoting tools that are difficult to implement and use, MarginMax Price Connect can be deployed in a matter of weeks, and sales reps can learn how to use it in a matter of hours.  

“Sales reps make hundreds of critical decisions every day that impact sales and profits; to support those decisions they need actionable pricing guidance in an intuitive tool,” said Pete Eppele, senior vice president of products and science at Zilliant. “With MarginMax Price Connect, sales reps can easily find the answers they need to determine the most profitable prices for every product and customer, enabling them to act with greater confidence, speed and consistency.”  

MarginMax Price Connect provides sales reps market-aligned price guidance for each and every transaction via the web, tablet or mobile device, providing immediate, on-the-go access. The application also can provide sales reps with contextual analytics in support of the guidance, as well as access to information about each customer’s order and price history. It is a native application that can function as a standalone web or mobile app, or can be deployed in a customer’s existing instance of

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