Jul 17, 2018

Zilliant Enables Consumer-Like eCommerce Experience for B2B

AI delivers product recommendations, pricing consistency across all channels.

Austin, TX – July 17, 2018 – Zilliant, a company helping B2B enterprises turn data into actionable intelligence to accelerate profitable growth, today announced that the Zilliant IQ platform now seamlessly integrates into any eCommerce system.

B2B customers now expect a personalized, consumer-like buying experience as professionals. For executives tasked with delivering on this initiative, that means they need to provide pricing consistency and relevant product recommendations at scale across all channels.

When Zilliant IQ engines, Cart IQ™, Sales IQ™, and Price IQ™, are deployed into this critical and strategic online sales channel, B2B executives can capitalize on eCommerce to delight customers while accelerating profitable growth. The AI-driven guidance gives customers the intelligent purchasing experience they enjoy as consumers – and look for in business.

“The B2B buyer has evolved; customers don’t check their eCommerce expectations at the door as they switch from personal to professional purchasing,” said Zilliant SVP of Product and Science Pete Eppele. “We are focused on delivering products and solutions to our customers that address these changing business requirements.”

With Zilliant IQ for eCommerce, B2B companies can give their customers the personalized buying experience they enjoy as consumers — and increase average order size and profitability while doing so. When the full suite of Zilliant IQ engines is deployed, customers enjoy a consumer-like online buying experience:

  • Cart IQ — Increases average order value by delivering real-time complementary product recommendations at the time of order, based on the items in a customer’s basket. 
  • Price IQ — Gives customers market-aligned prices, even for products they’ve never purchased, that are optimized to business goals and are consistent with customer expectations. 
  • Sales IQ — Identifies cross-sell and customer retention insights that guide customers to the additional product categories to explore and items to re-order.

To learn how Zilliant provides a consumer-like B2B eCommerce experience, please visit: zilliant.com/solutions/ecommerce.

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