Episode 10 Jul 16, 2020

The Shifting Role of Sales in a COVID-19 World

The role of a traditional B2B field seller, and the sales process itself, has fundamentally changed in a post-pandemic world. With buyers and sellers transitioning to remote work, B2B eCommerce on a meteoric rise and Zoom calls replacing shop floor visits, companies have adapted on the fly with varying levels of success. Brian Hirt has spent years developing SaaS products that use data science to help sellers make better, more profitable decisions. He joins the podcast to explore how field sales is blending with inside sales, the disadvantages and new opportunities available in a digitized sales environment and why many aspects of the new normal are here to stay, even beyond the pandemic. He even makes the case for how doing business virtually is like cracking an egg with one hand – you’ll have to listen to get it.

Find the link to the “The Future of B2B Sales Amid COVID-19 Disruption” blog post mentioned in this episode here

Brian Hirt

Brian Hirt

History would tell us that when you have economic disruptions like this, whether it's a major recession or just some other shift in the way business is done, it becomes a turning point for companies. They will either suffer, maybe never get back to where they were. Or, they will use the adversity to their advantage, find their competitive strength, and then grow off of that. And then they'll come out of this even stronger than before.  
- Brian Hirt, Zilliant

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