Zilliant Spring Release 2024

By Zilliant

Apr 08, 2024

Zilliant continues our commitment to innovation by regularly providing highlights into our product releases. We are excited to share the latest features and capabilities with our customers and partners to accelerate their journey across the pricing lifecycle.

Announcing Quarterly Release Cycles

Starting this year, Zilliant is moving to regular, quarterly release cycles, so we can ensure our customers and partners are up to date on the latest product innovations to unlock more growth.

In 2024, our customers can look forward to new generative AI capabilities. Plus, we’re working towards further integrating Zilliant CPQ and Pricing solutions.

Mark your calendar for the following product releases for the remainder of the year:

  • May 2024
  • August 2024
  • November 2024

The Zilliant Spring 2024 Release is just the tip of the iceberg which is dedicated to improving self-service capabilities and further enhancing the ability to deliver the right deal, with the right price and configuration through Zilliant CPQ.

Expanding Customer and Partner Self-Service

Zilliant is committed to continuous improvement of its platform to enable faster delivery, scalability, and ease of use of its products. With that, Zilliant is releasing several new features that improve self-service configurability and make it easier for users to drill in and summarize data. These new features allow our customers to:

  • Easily review system and error messaging directly from the UI – Users can quickly identify errors from actions that were run directly in a dashboard with reference details, making it easier for users to get support from Zilliant.
  • Configure aggregate worksheets from the UI – Pricing managers can easily create worksheets that show total revenue, total volume, and averages at the aggregate level. This streamlines the process of pulling and summarizing data that drives insights and pricing strategies.
Configure aggregate worksheets from the UI

Extending the Pricing Lifecycle with Zilliant CPQ

In 2023, Zilliant was excited to announce the acquisition of InMindCloud and its next-generation CPQ software. InMindCloud extends Zilliant’s industry-leading pricing management, pricing optimization, and revenue intelligence technology. Manufacturing and distribution companies can now deliver pricing through CPQ and online channels in a single robust solution.

With the Zilliant Spring 2024 Release, Zilliant continues to invest in CPQ to ensure it is a state-of-the-art solution for manufacturing and distribution companies. Newest features include:

  • Enhanced Configurator – Users can take advantage of a streamlined configuration workflow that includes attribute grouping, status visibility, customizable validation, expanded pagination, and selection indication. Together, these features allow customers to better manage complex product catalogues and create an easy-to-use sales experience for sellers.
CPQ Enhanced Configurator
  • Customized Branding – Allows customers to elevate the seller, dealer, and customer experience by enabling customized branding (white labeling) across the Zilliant CPQ solution. Customers can create consistent seller or employee experiences across their internal systems.


To learn more about the latest Zilliant features, Zilliant customers and partners can access release notes here.

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