Digital Commerce 360: Bringing a sales rep-like experience to B2B eCommerce

By Zilliant Pete Eppele SVP of Products & Science

Dec 09, 2020

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B2B eCommerce is here to stay. Business leaders pointed a keen and wary eye toward born-in-the-cloud digital disruptors when they broke on the B2B scene nearly a decade ago. In the early days, there was much speculation as to how much market share the “new guys” could grab. Speculation quickly turned to spectatorship. We watched in awe as a more than $1 billion bite was taken out of the B2B market within a few short years.

Today, amid the challenges of COVID-19, a real urgency has emerged. Having a smart, frictionless, AI-driven, best-in-class eCommerce experience is no longer an option. According to a study by Episerver, “B2B Digital Experiences Report 2019: How Companies Are Meeting Rising Expectations,” 82% of B2B companies say they will use artificial intelligence to personalize customer experiences online in the next three years.

Every B2B executive feels the pressure to act, yet achieving the ideal offering in this emerging channel is certainly not straightforward. A significant transition that must take place before a company can effectively price and transact commerce online—and even more questions to answer before the transition can begin.

The good news is that B2B technology has caught up to the online behemoths. In this article, I’ll walk you through some AI-driven ecommerce solutions that can bring a sales rep-like experience online while giving customers the experience they want. Let’s jump in.

Read the full article in Digital Commerce 360. 

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