[SmartIndustry] Overcoming Pricing Complexity in Manufacturing with Technology

By Pascal Yammine on SmartIndustry

Jan 26, 2024

Zilliant CEO Pascal Yammine discusses how AI-and-data-driven platforms offer manufacturers a smarter approach to overcoming pricing complexity in today’s business environment.

Assigning a price to a particular product is one of the most deceptively challenging decisions facing manufacturers seeking profitability and competitiveness. In today’s business environment, companies need to be able to react to changes in market inputs and get optimized pricing into the hands of sales, partners, and customers.

However, many companies—even multibillion-dollar operations—still tackle that challenge with product and pricing data in Excel, homegrown tools, and a lack of defined processes and systems.

Doing pricing right means managing it as a full, complete, dynamic process—something that manual systems, spreadsheets, and most Configure Price Quotes aren’t up to accomplishing. It’s time for manufacturers to move pricing from an underestimated and misrepresented portion of CPQ into the forefront of the business.

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