[SalesTech Star] Avoiding The Five Sales Pitfalls That Prevent Long-Term Success

By SalesTech Star

Feb 26, 2024

The basic premise of every technology solution is that it will make a customer’s life easier while enabling them to do things they never could before. 

However, that’s easier said than done: improper deployments prevent this from happening for a lot of enterprises, creating an atmosphere where almost three out of four companies believe tech vendors typically fall short of being honest. 

Keeping this high degree of mistrust in mind, there’s a responsibility for technology vendors to ensure that their sales process sets themselves and their prospects up for success. While every deal requires a close understanding of the prospect and a custom approach to meet their specific needs, there are typical issues that can get in the way. Acknowledging these five common problems and implementing their solutions will lead to deal closures that are also set up for recurring revenue opportunities down the line.  

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