[PYMNTS] Zilliant Unveils Next-Gen Price IQ


Apr 19, 2022

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Pricing and sales guidance software maker Zilliant has unveiled Next-Generation Price IQ, a new price optimization application.

“Inflation has become the new business reality, exacerbated by supply chain turmoil, increased competition, and dramatic swings in both demand and inventory availability,” the company said in a press release Tuesday (April 19). “As a result, B2B companies need a faster, more powerful approach to pricing that maintains market alignment while generating prices that are easily explainable and defensible.”

According to Zilliant, Next-Generation Price IQ offers a major improvement in artificial intelligence (AI)-based optimization speeds, letting businesses quickly respond to changing business dynamics and market changes while providing better price transparency to sales teams.

Zilliant said customers have reported a tenfold increase in return on investment in under a year with using its price optimization solution. The Next-Generation Price IQ can be up and running in 90 days and “lowers overall cost by supporting multiple pricing models and scenario templates, enabling simultaneous optimization of multiple lines of business within the same instance.”

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