[InfoWorld] What DevOps Needs to Know About Data Governance

By InfoWorld

Sep 23, 2022

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Data governance is an umbrella term encompassing several different disciplines and practices, and the priorities often depend on who is driving the effort. Chief data officers, privacy officers, security officers, and leaders in risk management usually focus on the privacy, security, and regulations that drive data governance programs. Data scientists, marketers, devops leaders, and business analysts are more likely to focus on proactive data governance, including data catalogsdata integrationdata qualitydata lineagecustomer data profiles, and master data management.

There’s much to unpack in all the terms, practices, and technologies, and some capabilities and objectives overlap. Shams Chauthani, CTO and senior vice president of engineering at Zilliant, agrees that because there are multiple objectives, collaboration between business stakeholders, IT, and data teams is key to successful programs.

“Data governance is often treated in a compartmentalized way, mostly as a compliance requirement managed by IT,” he says. “In today’s digital age, data is the biggest asset, and to treat data governance as a siloed effort run exclusively by IT is a disservice to the entire organization. For organizations to fully deliver the promise of smarter decision-making with data, the data governance process must be continuously improved with engagements from all stakeholders.”

For this article, I consulted with industry experts to identify what devops leaders and teams should know about data governance and how they can contribute to its goals.

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