[Impact Pricing] Pricing Systems Explained Simply with Lindsay Duran

By Zilliant

May 24, 2021

Listen to episode 117 of the Impact Pricing podcast. 

In this episode, Lindsay talks about what Zilliant does in terms of providing a pricing system that helps you how to price your products, more effectively manage your customer price agreements, and point your salespeople to the actions that are going to drive the most revenue and margin growth and systematically do that.

Lindsay Duran is the Chief Marketing Officer at Zilliant. Over the course of her career, she focused on uncovering inefficient and sub-optimal processes and actively worked to solve those challenges with creativity, whether it’s developing a new go-to-market methodology, revamping a marketing organization, or, in her current role, helping clients realize better financial results through artificial intelligence and sales rep enablement.

Listen to episode 117 of the Impact Pricing podcast. 

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