How Manufacturers Can Maximize Revenue with Price IQ™ Technology

By Best Manufacturing Practices

Jun 19, 2020

This article first appeared in Best Manufacturing Practices. 

Zilliant, a specialist in intelligent B2B price optimization, management and sales guidance software, recently launched its price optimization application to help manufacturers generate market-aligned, dynamic prices that maximize margin or revenue.

Zilliant Price IQ™ has achieved “Integrated” status with Oracle Cloud and is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The application uses advanced pricing science, including artificial intelligence and machine learning to help Oracle CPQ Cloud customers improve the speed and effectiveness of pricing decisions within their quoting process.

Pricing teams using Price IQ can set optimized, market-aligned prices that are contextually relevant for every selling circumstance. The teams are also able to more quickly respond and intelligently respond to changes in market conditions, run pricing for “what if” scenarios to determine the predicted revenue and margin impacts of pricing strategies, publish prices in real-time into Oracle CPQ Cloud and measure the impact of pricing strategies on business performance.

“With its ability to set optimal prices in real-time for every selling circumstance, Price IQ is a highly complementary solution to the streamlined quoting capabilities of Oracle CPQ Cloud,” said Greg Peters, president and CEO of Zilliant. “We look forward to helping our shared customers reimagine how to tackle their complex quoting and pricing challenges.”

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