How to Get the Full Value of Your Sales Technology Investments

By Solutions Review

Mar 14, 2023

Zilliant CEO Pascal Yammine outlines how companies can ensure they’re getting the total value out of their sales technology investments for Solutions Review’s Expert Insights Series.

Companies today are drowning in data. Having invested heavily in sales technology and processes for revenue growth, companies have amassed vast amounts of data about their customers but still struggle to use that data effectively to sell more. The growing complexity of modern commerce certainly contributes to that struggle. An atmosphere of new digital competitors, supply chain disruption, and product proliferation makes it difficult to connect revenue growth strategies to day-to-day execution in the field.

Faced with overwhelming options, businesses too often adopt a scattershot approach using discrete business intelligence tools, sales technology solutions, and spreadsheet analysis. As a result, they continue to miss opportunities to increase wallet share, see high customer churn rates and deliver an inconsistent customer experience. Forrester Research encapsulated the dilemma nicely, saying, “B2B organizations need insights that identify risks, patterns, trends, and correlations as well as the impact of these on business outcomes. Reps need guidance on what deals to prioritize and the next best actions to take.”

The go-to method of running business intelligence reports, emailing spreadsheets to sales reps, and expecting action fails to yield results. Leading sales executives increasingly turn to advanced applications such as Revenue Operations & Intelligence that translate data into actionable insights. Here are three time-tested strategies for unlocking the value of your sales technology investments and creating a faster path to revenue growth.

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