How To Bring A Startup Mentality To An Established Company

By Pascal Yammine on Forbes Technology Council

Jul 01, 2024

Zilliant CEO Pascal Yammine delves into his journey at Zilliant, shedding light on enabling a culture shift, transitioning an established company to a new business model, and the remarkable successes achieved thus far.

Pivoting an established company's business model is one of the most daunting challenges a CEO can face. When I became CEO of Zilliant in 2022, my mandate was to accelerate growth and increase market share. I quickly realized that the key to success wasn’t in product updates or tech investments but in rethinking the organizational mindset.

I received a master’s degree in organizational behavior studies from the University of Illinois, and I’ve been a part of many organizational transformations. Generally, they follow one of two paths: changing an existing culture or building one from scratch. For those looking for inspiration, there are high-profile examples of each approach.

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