[Customer Think] The Power of Revenue Operations and Intelligence

By Customer Think

Nov 08, 2023

Zilliant's Vice President, Customer and Industry Relations Barrett Thompson explains how companies can future-proof their revenue engine and improve sales team operations by investing in a revenue operations and intelligence solution.

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Companies don’t hire sales reps because they have core competencies of administrative work and manually updating prospect lists. So why, when sales is under tremendous pressure to win new business, fend off competitors and grow existing customer revenue, do some companies burden their teams with time-killers like outdated tools and legacy processes?

Businesses thrive when sales teams are given more time to do what they do best – engage directly with customers. However, they need direction on the right opportunities that will likely close quickly and deliver maximum value. That’s where the field of revenue operations and intelligence comes in. RO&I uses advanced data science to identify sales insights at the account level and deliver them to sellers as actionable opportunities.

While RO&I has gained traction recently, many businesses have been slow to adopt it or haven’t yet examined what a digital transformation can do for sales. This reluctance toward a digital transformation comes from a lack of understanding of the benefits of RO&I. Too often, the tools that sales teams use haven’t kept up with how they do business today. Many companies still operate with traditional, siloed systems and processes that burden sales team operations, customer acquisition and retention, and revenue growth potential.

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