[Customer Think] B2B Customer Loyalty Isn’t What it Used to Be: Here’s How Companies Can Adjust Their Strategy

By Barrett Thompson

Aug 02, 2023

Zilliant's Vice President, Customer and Industry Relations Barrett Thompson explains why sales professionals need to leverage technology to stay afloat in today’s emerging customer landscape.

The B2B customer base has shifted dramatically in just a few short years. While brand loyalty and high switching costs used to be reliable drivers of B2B customer retention, it doesn’t hold the same weight for today’s generation of tech-savvy, agile customers. With many B2B organizations still grappling with lingering effects of the supply chain shortage, customers are more willing and able than ever to switch to a competitor if a supplier isn’t meeting their expectations.

Before the age of instant internet access, B2B customers were much more hesitant to switch vendors even if a company wasn’t fully meeting their expectations. Researching competition and estimating the cost of taking your business elsewhere was much more difficult before people had the power of Google at their fingertips. But customer loyalty out of necessity, ignorance, or fear can no longer be presumed when the competition is just one click away. To stay afloat in this emerging customer landscape, sales professionals must find new and innovative ways to retain customers.

Customer experience is key

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