[WEBINAR] Streamline Rebate Management across Pricing, Sales and Finance

By Zilliant

Aug 03, 2021

While rebates, or off-invoice discounts and incentives, are powerful method to motivate a customer base, build brand loyalty, and ultimately, increase revenue, the process of executing and managing rebates is a cumbersome and complex process. Deal structure variation, time lapse between rebates and payouts, and the pricing, sales, and finance stakeholders that must effectively work in concert are high-level drivers of rebate management complexity. At a more micro-level, inefficient and overly complicated spreadsheets often used to keep track of rebates are laborious and time-consuming to maintain and ensure accuracy and comprehensive visibility into rebate programs.

The need for a streamlined approach to rebate management is more critical than ever, and that’s exactly why Zilliant is introducing rebate management capabilities. These capabilities are purpose-built for end-to-end management of rebates and other off-invoice pricing, and include rebate agreement management, tracking rebate accruals, issuing credits, customer profitability analysis, opportunity notifications for account managers, and the ability to measure rebate program effectiveness.

Join Zilliant SVP of Products and Science Pete Eppele and Zilliant Product Management Director Brian Hirt at our Streamline Rebate Management across Pricing, Sales and Finance webinar on Thursday, August 19, at 9:00 a.m. CDT to learn all about how Zilliant is powering a streamlined approach to rebate management. This in-depth session will feature product demos of Zilliant’s new rebate management capabilities, pricing, sales, and finance role-based overviews, how to empower sales reps to define and notify customers of available rebates, and more.

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