Sep 18, 2012

Zilliant Uncovers $55 Million of Sales Opportunities for Global Manufacturer

Leading Analyst Firm Profiles SalesMax, Use of Big Data to Boost Sales and Retain Customers.

Austin, Texas – September 18, 2012 – Zilliant, a technology solutions company that helps businesses make their numbers, today released a case study from Gartner demonstrating Zilliant’s ability to leverage Big Data to increase sales and improve customer retention for a major electrical manufacturer.

The manufacturer’s sales management team, responsible for thousands of customers and hundreds of product categories, turned to Zilliant for guidance to sell more volume and additional product categories within their existing customer base. The company leveraged SalesMax, the newest Zilliant application, to automatically deliver cross-sell and retention opportunities for their existing accounts.

SalesMax allows sales representatives to more actively manage a large and diverse customer base, identify customers at risk, recover lost wallet share, and sell additional product lines by prioritizing sales opportunities. The application identifies incremental growth and retention opportunities worth, on average, 11 percent more revenue.

“After several unsuccessful attempts to manually analyze its sales and transaction data, this company deployed SalesMax to automatically identify, quantify and prioritize customer-specific opportunities,” said Pete Eppele, Zilliant’s vice president of product management. “SalesMax provided the sales reps with visibility into opportunities across the entire business that they just couldn’t see before, enabling them to prioritize and close significantly more business.”

SalesMax analyzed 12 months of the company’s sales data to produce customer purchase patterns. The technology revealed account-specific sales opportunities that were otherwise invisible, and emailed them directly to sales representatives. Within the first 90 days of the deployment, SalesMax uncovered $55 million of growth opportunities. To date, the company, which chose to remain anonymous as to protect their competitive advantage, has closed $6 million of the $55 million identified.

“With SalesMax, the sales team didn’t have to adopt a new set of tools or learn a new way of working,” noted the Gartner report. “Using email not only increased adoption and but also reduced training.”

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