Staffing Services

We make it easier to deploy staff quickly, at the right rate. Solve for regional rate variance while reducing complexity and duplication of efforts.

Global Staffing Services Company Optimizes Rate Markup, Accelerates Time-To-Quote

For staffing services companies, determining the optimal rate markup at the time of quote is cumbersome and fraught with complexity. Read this case study to learn how one global staffing services company addressed this challenge head-on with Zilliant.

Optimize Bill Rates

Capture the latest market trends and price/volume relationships with goal-based optimization to achieve P&L objectives.

Create an Intelligent Commercial Process

A common platform to create and deliver optimal bill and pay rate within a streamlined process that connects pricing and sales.

Quote More Accurately and Efficiently

Remove blind spots in the quoting process with faster, full visibility quoting. No more double entries or misaligned rates.

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